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Santosh Khawale

Director, Dhenoo | Founder, DesiColab | Entrepreneur | Strategic Designer | Mentor of Change AIM NITI AYOG

Santosh Khawale

Director, Dhenoo | Founder, DesiColab | Entrepreneur | Strategic Designer | Mentor of Change AIM NITI AYOG


I am a strategic designer dedicated to leveraging the power of design to develop innovative solutions for companies. With a focus on strategic design approaches, I have collaborated with prominent organizations such as Barilla, Panasonic, OneCare, Techno Gym, ABB, Forbes Marshall, and more across diverse industry domains.


• Expertise in brand positioning, marketing, and promotion strategies, enabling companies to achieve their organizational goals.
• Proven track record in product strategies, trend analysis, and business model design, resulting in successful product launches and increased market presence.
• Proficient in redefining complex problems, utilizing various tools and techniques to analyze situations, and identifying core issues.
• Skilled at interpreting user-centered insights to create new products and services that resonate with user aspirations.
• Ability to think beyond the obvious, producing exciting and distinctive outcomes.

Key Competencies:

• In-depth understanding of customer needs and market trends, facilitating the evaluation of market demands and identifying untapped opportunities.
• Passionate about adding value to offerings and delivering outstanding customer experiences.
• Seeking opportunities to collaborate with companies that recognize the transformative potential of design in addressing business challenges and fostering business growth.


• Envisioning the business future and defining new growth strategies.
• Formulating product development, marketing, and promotion strategies aligned with organizational objectives.
• Translating strategic intent into actionable design briefs.
• Conceptualizing and designing high-value solutions, including products, services, and product-service systems.

Interest Areas:

User-centered innovation, Strategic product design, Customer experience design
Product and service design, User study, Ethnographic research, Sustainability, and social innovation.

If you are seeking a strategic designer who can contribute to your organization’s growth by harnessing the power of design, I would be delighted to explore collaboration opportunities. Let’s connect and drive innovation together.

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Igniting Impact

02 Mar 2024
10:30 - 11:15